Four Saisons, Paris

This little pizzeria is located in the heart of Montmartre at the base of the funicular and left staircase to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.  There are a lot of great Italian restaurauts around Montmartre, but if you’re not looking to climb the stairs or ride the funicular to Artist’s Square, this is a cozy spot with self seating, friendly, English speaking staff, and climate controlled dining (with additional seating outside on the sidewalk weather permitting).

I’ve eaten here at least 6 times and I typically have the spaghetti bolognese, but the pizza is very good too.  I always take my guests here as I am showing them through Montmartre, and I typically make it a point to eat here alone while I’m doing fabric and shoe shopping a few blocks away.

The menu is simple, the drinks are cold, and the food is fresh.  I can enjoy my meal and enjoy free wiFi and uninterrupted browsing after I’ve eaten as the staff encourages you to stay a while after eating as do many Parisian cafe’s.  Often, I bring a good book with me. 

Typically when I visit this restaurant there’s little to no one inside.  Each time I’ve sat by the window, the place is full by the time I leave.  Attracting more customers by enjoying your meal with a smile in the window will surely land you a free glass of champagne… or a dessert!  (Well sometimes.)

The American decor welcomes American tourists with a large poster of Tupac Shakur on the wall as well as other American icons.  It’s nothing fancy, but I appreciate the effort and the place is immaculate each time I visit.

Four Saison
Rue Tardieu 4
75018 Paris

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