Vintage: Kilo Shop

Kilo Shop has to be the most impressive second-hand/vintage shop in Paris, France.  While there is an abundance of clothing items that were obviously not manufactured prior to the year 2000, there are lots of vintage pieces to find if you are up to the hunt!

First, let me clarify that there are multiple Kilo Shops in Paris.  I have only visited the two on Rue de la Verrerie.  The atmosphere is fun snd funky as you listen to familiar American tunes that will have you dancing and singing as you work your way from rack to rack.  

The unique thing about Kilo Shop, is that items are priced… you guessed it… by their weight (per kilo).  Each item is tagged with a color.  That color will have a price per kilo.

In the main shop, men’s items can be found on the lower level.  But don’t underestimate the location, there are just as many clothes for men as there are for the ladies!  

Next door, you’ll find Kilo Shop Kawaii which is the smaller (sister) shop filled with more items that focus on current trends, Kawaii, Harajuku, and other vibrant styles. 

The kimono collection is worth a look!  The prices for the kimonos were 40€ per kilo on my last visit which sounds a bit much.  But the black, silk kimono I purchased didn’t weigh a full kilo and was only 27€.  

Kilo Shop
69-71 Rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris

My Rating

I’ve found beautiful kimonos, funky purses, unique scarves, flowing gowns, must have shoes, and more in both of these Kilo Shops.  Funky bell bottoms, furry hats and scarves, and uniquely shaped pagoda umbrellas also caught my eye… and my wallet.

There are baskets on scales placed around the shop so you can weigh your items before purchasing (take care to remove the hanger!).  It’s definitely a different experience, but totally worth it!

I would recommend visiting 2 to 3 hours before closing.  In the evenings, the shops are less crowded and the music is usually much louder which gives it a fun club vibe.  The staff is usually willing to remove items that have been on mannequins all day if you’d like to purchase them closer to the end of the day.  

Overall, I give Kilo Shop and Kilo Kawaii 5 stars for an incredible selection of just… everything!

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