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Beef Sector Play #78: Junkyard Dogs

A Junkyard Dog is an individual who derives pleasure from provoking and harassing others in the Beef Sector. They thrive on chaos and disruption, deliberately instigating heated arguments and spreading misinformation to create a hostile environment for their targets. These trolls often possess an insatiable appetite for power and control, seeking to assert dominance through their detrimental actions.

Melissa Scott Coffee Quiz’s Smear Campaign

Exploiting the existing tension between Ms. Cruiser and me, Melissa Scott embarked on a vicious campaign to exploit and defame me. Shockingly, she even employed specific keywords and phrases in her attacks, which others have now adopted to defame and harass me. Melissa Scott continues to deem me as “weird,” “crazy,” and “crazy as cat pee,” (amongst other phrases) encouraging others to taunt and belittle me with these derogatory terms. Up until now, her motive for initiating this smear campaign against me remains unknown.

Juicycation 2023 Merchandise

When planning a vacation, one of the most exciting aspects for many people is the chance to purchase unique and memorable souvenirs. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and beauty...

Juicycations 2023

Juicycation is a cruise event created by Dr. Passa J. Wilson in which an invitation is extended to anyone affiliated with the YouTube’s Beef Sector. The event features a three day Carnival Cruise to...

Thank YOU! 1k Subscribers!

It’s a little late, but this is a special video to my first 100 subscribers! You all are so interactive! Here’s something fun we can do together 🤗

Go the Fu*k to Sleep

Still up being messy? Wandering around? Walking these YouTube streets? Sit down and enjoy a story with me. Then “Go the Fu*k to Sleep”!