Melissa Scott Coffee Quiz’s Smear Campaign

I have been deeply affected by recent occurrences involving Melissa Scott Coffee Quiz. It has come to my attention that Melissa Scott has engaged in a series of malicious lies and a deliberate smear campaign against me.

Recently, I received a phone call from Melissa Scott, during which she fabricated a story claiming that Ms. Cruiser had been spreading false rumors about me being in love with her (Ms. Cruiser). She stated that Ms. Cruiser had planned to make it known that I was “heartbroken” and a “lonely heart”, regardless of me being heterosexual. This news resulted in additional subsequent frustration towards Ms. Cruiser, as I was already upset with her for a prior incident.

Melissa Scott went as far as to repeatedly call Ms. Cruiser a liar, alleging that she had been deceiving me throughout the several years I had been acquainted with her.

However, when confronted by both Ms. Cruiser and myself, Melissa Scott denied ever making such statements. In the interest of truth, I presented Melissa Scott with a recording of her own words during a 29-minute phone call she and I had in January, in which she spent a considerable portion of time making defamatory remarks about Ms. Cruiser, whom she refers to as her friend.

Melissa Scott Coffee Quiz, who resides in Lakewood, Ohio, has been to jail 3 times (according to her), and has made a threat of physical harm towards Rainy Bō.

I’m gonna fuck you up” -Melissa Scott

All information above was obtained from Melissa Scott’s self-published videos on YouTube for the sole purpose of commentary, reporting, and documentation. 

Upon hearing the recording, Melissa Scott hastily claimed that she had said those exact words to Ms. Cruiser a few days earlier. However, Ms. Cruiser intervened and clarified that their conversation did not touch upon any of those topics.

During this conversation, it came to light that Melissa Scott had ominously informed Ms. Cruiser that I intended to physically harm her upon my arrival in the United States. When questioned about this malicious statement, Melissa Scott failed to provide any coherent explanation. It became clear that Melissa Scott wanted Ms. Cruiser to think I was physically stalking her. Ms. Cruiser even stated that she began to wonder if she needed to watch her own back (based on what Melissa Scott had told her).

Furthermore, Melissa Scott issued a physical threat towards me, stating that she intended to inflict harm upon me without any provocation. At the time of this incident, I believed Melissa Scott and I were on good terms, as she had just called me in a friendly manner and appeared amicable during our online chats during her live broadcasts. This unanticipated attack left me utterly taken aback and unjustifiably targeted. It is pertinent to note that Melissa Scott had spent time with me in person during a cruise last year, giving her personal knowledge about my family and my whereabouts.

Exploiting the existing tension between Ms. Cruiser and me, Melissa Scott embarked on a vicious campaign to exploit and defame me. Shockingly, she even employed specific keywords and phrases in her attacks, which others have now adopted to defame and harass me. Melissa Scott continues to deem me as “weird,” “crazy,” and “crazy as cat pee,” (amongst other phrases) encouraging others to taunt and belittle me with these derogatory terms. Up until now, her motive for initiating this smear campaign against me remains unknown.

As of now, Melissa Scott claims to be “done” with the situation, conveniently after launching her malicious campaign. It is disheartening to acknowledge that an individual of her age, 55+, befriended me, extracted personal information from me, and subsequently spread baseless rumors about me. Since I had recently become acquainted with Melissa, I decided to give her a chance to apologize for the lies she spread about me and the threat she made against me. Unfortunately, she maintains her stance that she has done nothing wrong and shows no remorse for her actions. This unwillingness to admit her wrongdoing and offer an apology only reinforces my belief that this was a deliberate attempt to tarnish my reputation. It is clear that Melissa orchestrated a smear campaign with the sole purpose of instigating others to engage in harassment, belittlement, and bullying directed towards me. Had I not had proof of her lies, who knows how far she would have gone.

Below, you will find any and all screenshots and/or videos featuring individuals who have joined her in defaming me, harassing me, and subjecting me to bullying.

This page will continue to be updated as information is received.

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1 Response

  1. Candy says:

    RainyBo you should know Melissa is messy and bitter. She started with you on that cruise because she was bored and there wasn’t nobody else she could mess with that didn’t know how she moves in these streets. You heard on Jwilson last night when melissa was saying to him to remember the conversation they had? Go listen to jwilson video again. Melissa was setting you up from soon as you got on the ship.