Juicycation 2023 Merchandise

When planning a vacation, one of the most exciting aspects for many people is the chance to purchase unique and memorable souvenirs. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and beauty of the items designed and made by Vivian Jennings for Juicycation 2023! Specifically, the shirt, bag, and tumbler surpassed my expectations.

The shirt, first and foremost, is a perfect memento to commemorate this fun experience. The design showcases the now iconic “Juicycations 2023” logo, and the vibrant blue colors add a fun touch. Vivian offers the shirt in a variety of sizes and also offers a tank option. I however sent her the shirts I wanted to wear, as I have my favorite brand and style. Whether worn during the trip or at home as a reminder of the vacation, this shirt truly captures the essence of the Juicycations experience.

The cute tote bag offers practicality and style. The craftsmanship is exceptional, with sturdy handles and a spacious interior. The bag serves as a versatile accessory, whether used as a beach tote, carry-on, or even for everyday use. I plan to decorate my with ribbons and charms to add my own personal touch!

Lastly, the tumbler stood out as a fantastic addition to my collection of travel cups. The sturdy construction ensures its longevity and not only serves as a practical item during the cruise but also as a daily reminder of the wonderful memories created onboard.

I highly recommend everyone, both those who are going on the cruise and those who unfortunately cannot make it this time, to grab at least one of these items as a cherished memory of the remarkable “Inaugural” Juicycations Vacation. I have a strong feeling that there will be many more unforgettable Juicycations in the future! Let’s hear it for 2024…. 2025….  😉

Visit http://yes-gifts-4-all.square.site or email Vivian Jennings at Yespicturelady@gmail.com 

Need a clear advertisement?

As for those who are so anxiously using the image from my video “commercial“, I thought I’d hook you up with a proper advertisement to use. The screenshot you’re using is cropped and doesn’t show the whole ad. So, here’s a clear photo for you to use instead with proper credit to the designer, Vivian Jennings. Feel free to use it in your videos and posts! Thanks so much for circulating my photo!

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Thanks to these content creators for the shout out…. even if only by showing the photo.  Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

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